Below are just a few examples of the reviews and testimonials we have received from customers.


A beautiful & versatile product

"What a unique idea!! I was given the sunflower vase and wrapping as a gift. It's amazing to see how my friends love it when they see it. It is unlike anything on the market. I love how the embellishments can be changed for the seasons. I put candy in my vase which my grandkids especially like- and I dip into on occasion. I look forward to seeing the new designs for every holiday. I'm so excited about my gift and plan on giving these as gifts to my friends and family. Thank you to the creator of Glass Wrappings for such a beautiful and versatile
product!!!!!" Paula N

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Pride Gift


She loves it!

"Thank you so much for creating the “Pride Hearts” Glass Wrapping!  We ordered it for our daughter and it arrived exactly as advertised. It’s such a unique idea! She loves it and displays it all year. " JPN


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Very well made!

"I couldn’t be more pleased with the Glass Wrappings’ design I ordered. Daisies on yellow and white polka dots is a classic look that is perfect for my kitchen. The wrapping and embellishments are very well made. I love it and I know I will order again!" Sandy N.


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