Story of Glass Wrappings

Thank you for visiting our new store – we are thrilled you are here! 

To begin, we think you will enjoy Glass Wrappings if you:

  • appreciate something new and unique in the home décor space;
  • enjoy the look of eye-catching accessories, but have the heart and lifestyle of a "Real Simple” reader.  You want to create a beautiful home and make your celebrations memorable, but do not want to spend an inordinate amount of time or money in the process; or
  • absolutely LOVE to spend time and money on home décor and want to augment your decorations, creating even more photo-worthy holiday and seasonal memories for your families and friends.

We Think “Outside the Container”

Glass Wrappings is a new and unique idea in holiday and seasonal home décor.  Our mission is to help people who enjoy decorating their homes for holidays, special occasions, and the seasons do so more easily, more quickly, and for less money and impact on the environment.  

Most of the time we are focused on what goes inside a container – flowers, candles, candy, food, and so on.  But at Glass Wrappings, we focus on creating handcrafted, interchangeable elastic wrappings and embellishments that transform the outside of a container, and complement what's inside.

With little time, effort, and cost, Glass Wrappings can turn plain, boring containers into:

  • charming holiday candle holders,
  • stunning Valentine’s Day flower vases,
  • 4th of July candy holders,
  • beautiful table number sign holders, or
  • whimsical popcorn container celebrating your favorite sports team or event

Glass Wrappings are beautiful, versatile, and fun!

The Idea – “Celebrations Simplified”

The idea for Glass Wrappings came to me several years ago when my husband, Paul, sent me some beautiful red roses for Valentine’s Day.  They were delivered in a simple, cylinder vase that was wrapped in a lovely red satin ribbon wrapping.  I adored the uniqueness of the vase’s exterior wrapping, and the way it made the entire arrangement more interesting and beautiful. What’s more, it hid the flowers’ stems that were destined to become ugly, stuck in increasingly murky water! 

Immediately, I wondered how I might use the wrapping in the future -- but then it dawned on me that in order to wash the container, I had to untie the knotted ribbon, and I would be unable to put it back on the vase in the same way. Unfortunately, when that time came, the beautiful wrapping ended up in the garbage can, never to be used again.

About the same time, I noticed an increasing number of patterned candles on the market.  While I thought those candles were attractive, my experience with them was disappointing.  Patterned candles can be expensive, and often, the longer you burn them, the less attractive they become – not exactly a desired outcome.

So, I took advantage of my nights of midlife insomnia and started thinking about developing a useful product that could: 

  • make decorating for holidays and the seasons fresh and interesting,
  • save time by streamlining the decorating process,
  • be flexible enough to utilize glassware over and over with different looks and uses, thereby saving money and limiting consumption, and
  • make it easier and more convenient to store trimmings in the “off-season.”

Because, if you like to celebrate the seasons and holidays as I do (and if you are reading this, you probably do), who wants to purchase and store multiple sets of candles and containers?

Eventually, I got the idea of using flexible elastic (instead of ribbon) to wrap glassware, and Glass Wrappings was born as a line of attractive and versatile “wrappings” and embellishments for containers of all types.  Glass Wrappings and its velcro-backed embellishments can be changed easily, thus eliminating the need to purchase multiple containers or vases.

As much as I had thought about the concept of Glass Wrappings over the years, I recently realized another nice benefit of these products.  Once the bouquet has withered or the candle has burned out, you will still have a lovely- decorated glass vase, a tangible item to help you remember a beautiful or fun occasion -- hopefully to be used over and over again.

As you can see, styles of Glass Wrappings run the gamut from sophisticated to cute and fun.  Starting off, we will offer wrappings for each season, a lot of holidays, and soon, “everyday” and many special interests. We’re literally adding products each week, so please check back often to see what’s new!

Glass Wrappings' Logo

Knowing that I wanted one of our taglines to be "Celebrations Simplified," it seemed that using a pineapple as the basis of a logo was a natural.  Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, and their natural cross-hatching mimics our "Bra" style wrapping.

Our logo was created by Maria Maza of M Maza Designs. Thank you Maria - it's lovely!

About Me

Hi!  I'm Nancy Welts Schulte, creator of Glass Wrappings.  Here's little bit of information about me and my family:


I was born and spent most of my life in Seattle, Washington. In 1976, my brother, Rick, hired me to assist him in the Public Relations Department of the NBA's Seattle SuperSonics' basketball team.  I held several sales and marketing positions there, and was eventually succeeded Rick as the Sonics' Director of Public Relations, believed to be the first woman to hold that job in the field of professional sports. I went on to start my own sports and event marketing firm, serve as a senior VP for a public affairs firm specializing in environmental marketing, and accomplished my childhood dream of attending law school at the University of Washington.

My husband, Paul, and I married in 1994, and adopted our daughter, Alexandra, from Tbilisi, Georgia in 1998.  At that time, I made the decision to step back and focus on our family life (and the complete renovation of our 100-year old home) while maintaining a part-time marketing consultancy.

In 2011, our family moved to Carmel, Indiana, a beautiful suburb just north of Indianapolis. We were lured by the proximity to Paul’s extended family and wonderful schools.  We had a five-year plan, to return to Seattle after Alexandra’s high school graduation…but now we still find ourselves here in year 12!  

Paul and I co-own a residential real estate brokerage, the Cascade Team Indiana.  Paul is also a patient partner with me in Glass Wrappings, offering his expertise in the area of operations.