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Glass Wrappings is a new and unique idea in home decor. We create handcrafted, interchangeable elastic wrappings, and beautiful embellishments that transform the outside of a container to complement whatever it holds inside.

How to Order
There are two ways to order Glass Wrappings' products:

(1) Complete Sets – Glassware, Elastic Wrapping, and Embellishment Sets that are designed by us. Ordering
a Complete Set is the easiest way to get started with Glass Wrappings. View Complete Sets

(2) Custom Build Sets that you design yourself.

Photo: click to view Light Pink Complete Set with Rhinestone Peach Gem Flowers & Butterfly.

View Complete Sets
Front of Glass Wrappings 6" x 10" cylinder wrapped in white elastic with red and blue stars, adorned with red and blue gem stars on 1-1/2" red and blue star buttons.  It is filled with 3 white candles.

Stars & Stripes Collection

The 4th of July will be here soon!  Elevate your decorations this year with designs from our Stars & Stripes Collection.

The "Stars and Stripes" Collection is one of our favorites. The red, white, and blue theme is always fresh looking, and the meaning behind it is always moving.

And when Independence Day has passed, instead of adding to your collection of other dull and ordinary containers, you will have a keepsake to treasure and reuse for years to come.

Don't forget to use our FRIENDS20 discount code for 20% off your purchase.


View the entire Stars & Stripes Collection here.

Photo: Click to view 4th
of July Gem Stars Complete Set

View the Stars & Stripes Collection

Introduction Video (2.42 mins)

Start with Complete Sets

The easiest way to get started with Glass Wrappings is to order a Complete Set. A Complete Set includes: (1) Glassware, (2) Elastic Wrapping, and (3) Embellishments.

Currently we have more than 250 Complete Sets to choose from in these Collections:  

  • Black & White  
  • Easter 
  • Fall-O-Ween 
  • Farmer’s Market 
  • Gray / Neutrals 
  • Holiday 
  • Love 
  • St. Patrick’s Day 
  • Spring / Summer 
  • Sports 
  • Stars & Stripes 

Right now, some of these Collections have many choices, and some have fewer. We have so many new products to post as soon as time allows! 

Coming Soon:  More Customization Options 

We are currently preparing a way to make it easier for you to create your own design. We are planning to launch this advanced customization option by June 1, or sooner if we are able.

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