Black and White Collection

I love black and white – in clothing, home décor, photographs, movies – and so the popularity of the black and white “buffalo plaid” design is right down my alley!  

Because of its popularity, we are showcasing the versatility of this pattern for every season of the year with our Black and White Collection.

What It Is and a Special Offer:

The Black and White Collection offers glassware, wrapping, and a full year (12 months) of Glass Wrappings embellishments. 

  • Buy the entire year of embellishments, glassware, and wrapping, and receive a 20% discount and, of course, FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!  

The wrappings and embellishments are available for each piece of glassware we are currently offering:

  • Large Bud Vase (9.5” x 3.5”) – can be used for a handful of flowers, a pillar or floating candle, or 
  • Large Hurricane (5.5” x 8”) – our most versatile container, useful for candles, flowers, or candy.
  • Large Cylinder (6” x 10”) – another classic shape, useful for candles, flowers, or whatever good idea you might have!

 and soon we'll be offering a:

  • Food Grade Plastic Jar (2.5” x 5.5”) – for selected holidays such as Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Holiday, as well as birthdays. These jars make great table favors or gifts and can be used for candy, nuts, slime, bubbles, or whatever great idea you have!

How the Black and White Collection works:

1. Purchase one (or more) pieces of glassware wrapped with buffalo plaid elastic. Our first wrapping style is called the “Bra” style, as it crisscrosses the glassware.  :)

2. Choose all the monthly sets of embellishments you want.  You can even purchase as much as a whole year of designs at a significant discount and free shipping! 

Here are the designs you can choose from:

January – Glitter Snowflakes

February – Valentine’s Love

March – St. Patrick’s Green Shamrocks

April – Pink Jeweled Flowers + Bunny

May – Mother’s Day Love

June – White Daisies

July – Patriotic Stars

August – Summer Fun

September – Black Sunflowers

October – Glitter Spiders

November – Farmhouse Pumpkins

December – Snowy Turquoise Holiday Fun

 Special Offers: 

  • Buy the entire year of embellishments, glassware, and wrapping, and receive a 20% discount and, of course, FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!  
  • FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all purchases of Glass Wrappings' products. 

OUR SUGGESTION:  Glass Wrappings' embellishments are completely interchangeable, but each elastic wrapping is made for one specific container and may not look as good on other sizes or shapes of containers.  So, our suggestion is to PURCHASE OUR GLASSWARE ONCE, and enjoy decorating each piece with our wrappings and embellishments for many years to come!