Collection: Elastic Wrappings

Our wrappings come in a variety of colors, designs, and widths.  I chose fold over elastic because it is easy to remove when it is time to wash the glassware, and easy to put it back on when it is time to use the glassware again. Elastic also has some "give" to it that allows it to always look its best on the container.

We are also beginning with one style of wrapping, what we call our "Bra" style.  It is durably fastened together in five places -- there are three "crosses" in the front, and two in the back.  All crosses are topped with the "hook" side of a Velcro disk, ready to decorate with your favorite sets of embellishments.

OUR SUGGESTION:  Each wrapping is designed to fit one specific container and may not look as good on other sizes or shapes of containers.  So, our suggestion is to PURCHASE OUR GLASSWARE ONCE, and enjoy decorating each piece with our elastic wrappings and embellishments for many years to come!