Collection: Glassware

Glass Wrappings currently offers four different kinds of glassware:  (1) Large Bud Vase, (2) Large Hurricane container, (3) Tall Cylinder, and a Cookie / Candy Jar. We chose these to begin with because each of them is a classic style that allows for a variety of uses.

OUR SUGGESTION:  Because each elastic wrapping is designed to fit one specific container, it  may not look as good on other sizes or shapes of containers.  So, our suggestion is to PURCHASE OUR GLASSWARE ONCE, and enjoy decorating each piece with our wrappings and embellishments for many years to come!

The Large Bud Vase is 3.5" wide and 9.5" tall.  It can be used for a handful of flowers, pillar and floating candles, or whatever idea you might come up with!


The Large Hurricane is 5.5" wide and 8" tall.  It is a classic style that can hold candles, flowers, candy, or whatever idea you have!

Bud Vase

The 6" x 10" Cylinder is 6" wide and 10" tall.  It is a useful shape that can be used to contain a variety of items, including flowers, candles, and food.